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Top Tips For A Streak-free Bathroom Mirror


Top Tips For A Streak-free Bathroom Mirror

Trying to keep your bathroom mirror clean and looking like new can be a challenge in a busy family bathroom. With your household creating smears and smudges with make-up, toothpaste and mucky fingerprints, you know that cleaning process is going to be tough. And getting rid of those residue streaks is near on impossible.……. or is it!

It can be so frustrating to spend time cleaning a mirror to find that half an hour later when you go back the bathroom the mirror is covered in streaks. But if you clean it correctly with these few simple steps you’ll have a sparkling mirror every time.

Achieving the best results isn’t all about elbow grease but the tools you use to complete the task in hand.


The correct cleaning solution can be the difference between smears and that clear sparkle finish.

If bought off the shelf always use one that is designed for cleaning mirrors or glass otherwise you’ll end up with a haze across the mirror.

If you are wanting to save a bit of money try making a homemade solution. Vinegar is a cheap option and is one of those all-purpose ingredients that can not only be added to your food but is an efficient cleaning product. I’d recommend you mix it with water 50/50. It can leave a not so pleasant smell but that will wear off. If you want to add a bit of soap for fragrance you can but ensure it’s only a very small amount otherwise it may dry with streaks. Just spray or wipe it on and you should have a great result. 


Avoid kitchen roll or paper towels. Although these are designed to be absorbent they can leave residues and small bits of lint behind. Newspaper is an option and does generally work but remember to wear gloves to prevent getting ink on your hands which can happen once wet.

To achieve the best results, use a microfibre cloth. They promote fast drying and a lint free finish. Always ensure that your cloth is clean.

Start by folding your cloth in half. Work from the top down in a zig zag fashion to ensure that no drips are left behind. If your mirror has a frame I’d recommend spraying your cleaning solution direct on to the cloth rather than onto the mirror to ensure the frame is not stained.

Once you have removed all the dirt turn over your cloth and dry the mirror from the top to the bottom. If the cloth is damp on the other side you will need to use a separate clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Take a step back and check the mirror from various angles to ensure you have dried it thoroughly and you should be left with a beautiful sparkly mirror that looks as good as new.


As always if you keep on top of your cleaning this can become a very minimal task. If your mirror is not too dirty you can just wipe with a little warm water, remembering to dry it with a clean, dry microfibre cloth to prevent smears.

I’d also recommend in investing in a mirror with a demister pad. Turning on your mirrors demister before going in the shower will mean it won’t need to be wiped afterwards. It will keep that steam at bay and will continue to be sparkly clear for when you have finished your shower. QUANO have a fabulous range that will suit any bathroom.