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Shaving Tips to Better Your Shave


Shaving Tips to Better Your Shave

Most men need to shave and achieving the best, close smooth look is all to do with techniques you use.

Here are some shaving tips to help you get the best look every time.


Wash your face thoroughly with soap to remove any oils, muck and dead skin cells that can clog up the blades. This will reduce friction while shaving. We recommend doing this in the shower as the steam and heat from a hot shower softens the hair, opens your pores and helps prevent any dragging with razors and reduces the risk of cuts and razor burns.

Use a good mirror

Whether you are shaving with an electric razor or not, a good mirror is vitally important. Some mirrors are better than others and these days your mirror can be a useful tool whether it be charging your razor or providing additional light with the use of LED lights so that you can ensure you haven’t missed any bits. Here at QUANO, we have a wide variety of shaver socket LED mirrors that come with demisters to enable the best shave possible.

Shaving gel over foam

When wet shaving, use a shaving gel rather than a foam. It is designed to help prevent razor burn because it lubricates the face and moisturises facial hair so that it gives the skin some protection from the blade.

It’s worth investing in a shaving brush. These are essential for that close shave. They evenly spread the shaving cream onto each strand of hair. Which in turn raises them from the skin giving you the best chance of that closest shave. The brush also encourages a creamy lather which helps lubricate your hair and skin better.

You don’t need a lot of shaving gel and remember to use a circular motion to ensure all facial hair is covered. Leave the gel on your face for a minute or two before you start to shave.

Use a sharp blade

Always ensure you use a sharp blade. As soon as you feel any discomfort it’s time to swap for a new one. It’s advisable to replace it every 8-10 shaves. Using a nice sharp blade will help prevent damage to the skin and always cuts facial hair best.

Shaving technique 

Shave with the grain rather than against it. Shaving in the direction of the hair growth will help prevent you from cutting your skin and ingrown hairs developing.

Don’t be too aggressive…. take your time. Rushing or pressing too hard can cause razor burn. Remember to rinse the razor with warm water every few strokes to prevent a build-up of shaving cream and hair. This will ensure that each stroke is doing the job intended.

Always shave your neck and lips last. The lip hair is thicker and the skin on your neck is more sensitive. If you give the shaving gel more time to soften the hair it will be easier to cut.

 Finishing your shave 

Wash your face with cool water. This will close the pores and cool your skin giving you a fresh feeling.

Then use a moisturising aftershave balm. This will freshen your skin and replenish moisture making you feel much more comfortable. Try and avoid aftershave as these contain alcohol and can cause irritation and dry out your skin.