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How To Light A Bathroom Without A Window


How To Light A Bathroom Without A Window

Having a bathroom with no natural light can feel uninviting, claustrophobic, cramp and dark. Instead of being a room where you want to have a nice soak in the bath and relax, it can be room you want to spend as little time as possible in.

That doesn’t need to be the case. If you design your bathroom in the right way using the right colour schemes, accessories and lights, you can give your bathroom that spacious open and bright welcoming feel. And you’ll soon be enjoying those lovely bubble baths again.


You could consider installing a light tube that brings in natural light from an outside wall or the roof. These tubes transfer the light from outside to cast a natural glow into your bathroom. There are easier and simpler options to brighten your room. Here are a few of our tips….

Try layering your lighting to avoid it just coming straight down from the ceiling. This will help brighten your whole bathroom.

If you have space you can add wall lights or an LED illuminated mirror, bringing back that glow to face height. This is particularly helpful when getting ready on a morning especially if you have make up to apply.

LED’s work well in a bathroom and when incorporated in a mirror can become not only useful but a focal point of your room. QUANO have a fantastic range with varied designs and come complete with motion sensors so you that you can turn it on with the wave of a hand. Some even change colour creating a lovely ambient feel when having a soak in the bath tub.

Another handy tip is spreading the lights you do have around the room. Only lighting one area will make the rest of the room seem even darker.

Replace that one ceiling bulb with a few spots lights to evenly spread the light around the room. You can even use angled spot lights if you want to highlight a picture, piece of art or something of interest on the wall.


A good idea is to think about the colours you are using, particularly on your walls as this is usually the largest visible space. Remember dark colours absorb light and distract the eye away from all the nice features in your room.

Light doesn’t have to mean white! Although this is probably the best way to reflect any light you do have and works even better with a mirror.

Paint your walls a nice subtle colour such as beige/cream/pastels or as an alternative use a light-coloured wallpaper with a reflective pattern to give it a warmer feel will work.

A white bath, sink and toilet is an absolute must.

Remember light coloured tiles in your shower and around your bath tub. If darker ones are used you will need a lot more lights to brighten this area. Use glossy tiles to give a more glamorous feel. You can always add colour with the accessories you have.


If you opt for the white walls add a small piece of art to add a bit of colour and to keep the room interesting.

Adding one or two plants can create an outdoor feel and add a touch of colour to your bathroom. Keep in mind that you will need plants that don’t need much natural light and placing them in another room once a week will keep them looking fresh and green. As a tip, position well so their reflection shows in a mirror and that will accentuate that outdoor feel.

Mirrors, glass and metal are great for reflecting light and will add interest. Replace your shower curtain for a modern glass shower screen to allow light to cast into your shower area.

Having one wall covered with a large mirror is useful and will reflect light around the whole room. However, if you’re limited on space try a polished metal bathroom cabinet mirror. QUANO have some beautiful and elegant cabinets made from aluminium or stainless steel with built in lights which give a lovely contemporary feel while lighting the area above your sink. And they’re a great storage option too!