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How High To Hang A Bathroom Mirror


How High To Hang A Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are essential in any bathroom. They are a practical useful tool for obvious reasons, and they are also a decorative accessory. There are many things to consider when hanging a mirror in your bathroom.

Is your mirror to be positioned to reflect light? Is it to be placed above a sink? How tall on average are the people using it?

Let start with your family…

Have a think about the height of each person as this will have an influence on the positioning of your bathroom mirror. Ideally your eye level with the mirror should be just above the centre of the glass. This can be easily achieved if everyone in your household is of similar in height. If there is quite a difference in height then position the mirror so that the top of it is only a few inches higher than the eye level of the tallest person. This should give everyone good visibility.

The location…

You may decide to position your mirror above a sink as this is where you will find it most practical. In this case you will need to consider the height of your bathroom ceiling and how much space will be required between the mirror and the sink. If you leave too much space above the mirror and not enough between the mirror and the sink this will look odd. A good rule of thumb is to have the distance between both areas as equal as possible to give a symmetrical feel. This will look good too.

If placing your mirror above a shelf rather than a sink. First place the mirror to ideal height for the people using it, ensuring the correct eye level as mentioned earlier. The shelf can then be placed approx. 15cm underneath and this will look great.

When choosing your mirror think about what will add not only functionality to your room but style also. Consider what will work well with your sink and taps. Mirrors can come with a design of lights and features. Positioned well can create a striking focal point for your bathroom. If you have a very large sink or a sink built in to a large vanity unit with contemporary modern taps opt for a large mirror that can be positioned landscape for that something a bit different.

Here at Quano we have a great selection of illuminated bathroom mirrors perfect for hanging above your sink,  many with built in features such as shaver sockets and demister pads. There are also some with Bluetooth so that you can listen to music too. Not only can your mirror provide functionality but it can be the focal point of your room.