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Small bathrooms can be a challenge. However, with clever planning they don’t have to be. Using a smaller bath, sink, toilet and radiator can help free up space. But one of the easiest ways to maximise space in your bathroom is to think about which accessories you use and your storage options. Choosing these wisely is crucial.

The right accessories can not only maximise space but also give the illusion that your bathroom is larger than it really is. When bathrooms are clean, tidy and clutter free they look their best.

Storing items in a bathroom is tricky. With limited floor space for cupboards or vanity units try wall mounted cabinets or shelving. Use mirrored cabinets to reflect the light and make the room feel more open and use lightening to soften the feel of your bathroom.


Bathroom fixtures come in many sizes and replacing them for smaller ones will help you gain more space to manoeuvre. A smaller sink, toilet, bath and/or shower enclosure will take up half the space and look gorgeous in your bathroom.


Storing all of the toiletries for your household can sometimes be a tricky task and you can be overrun with bottles of creams, make up, toothbrushes, medicine bottles and towels. These need to be easily accessible while keeping the bathroom clutter free and tidy. This can be hard to balance but can be done with the correct storage.

When choosing your furniture use soft and natural shades with simple elegant designs. Use a light a wood colour or even a cleaner looking metal for your cabinets opposed to dark coloured wood. This will allow more light to reflect off surfaces and will not draw the eye to the dark cabinetry. Combining this with a mirror and lighting will also help.

Removing the fuss out of a small room will give the feel of more space. Furniture with no handles that provides lots of storage and clean-lined accessories will help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

QUANO have a great selection of cabinet mirrors with lighting built in that give a lovely contemporary feel to any size bathroom while providing storage to hide away those toothbrushes and lotions. If you’re looking for a basic cabinet with lights the LED Battery cabinet is a great option.


Utilise the space on your walls by attaching as many things as you can. Toothbrush holders, soap dishes and dispenses can be hung above the sink and below a mirror.

Add some shelving. There are many options that don’t take up much space. Placing a shelf above the bathroom door will provide additional storage and won’t easily be visible to guests. A great use of space if you can’t have cupboards due to the size of the room. Using a floating glass shelve below a mirror can create both a feature to your bathroom and a practical facility for your toothbrushes and soaps.

A mirror can be a focal point of your room. They can provide a visual interest depending on their design and include lights for bathrooms with limited natural light. Mirrors not only make your room look bigger, but if positioned well they can reflect more light into your room and even scenery if located near a window. QUANO have a varied range of mirrors to suit most tastes that suit the traditional bathroom to the contemporary modern and elegant.

Adding hooks and towel rails to the back of the door can hide not only your towels but your dressing gowns too. Self-adhesive hooks can be added to the inside of your cabinets to hide your wash bag.

Items that have a dual purpose are ideal and a great choice in a small bathroom. Towel Radiators are modern, provide two functions and free up floor space. Or a shelf with a towel rail under it. A toilet roll holder that includes a toilet brush. There are many options available.

Shower Storage is useful and a shower caddy is perfect for storing all of those shampoo’s and shower gels without taking up that much needed space required in your shower area. There are simple over the shower racks or shower organiser poles. Both very easy to install and keep the are tidy reduce clutter.

When planning your next bathroom make over think about the space you have and how you want to use it. You don’t need to compromise to create a spacious, clutter free welcoming room…think size of fixtures, how much storage you require and how accessories can aid you to achieve the look you are after.